Music for “old souls”.


Music for “old souls” is my particular way of composing music. I first capture and record the essence of a person, a situation or an experience through an improvisation process on the piano. Based on this first improvised stage, I finish composing the piece, taking care always to leave enough space between the component parts to allow for further improvisation at a later stage. This allows the piece to develop with each performance.

Music for “old souls” is not always easy to grasp, because the chords and the melody usually develop fluently from one “form” to the next. Or, they may unexpectedly change theme, so that you sometimes have to listen to the piece a few times in order to go deeper into it.

Music for “old souls”  records a moment from the “living” space between and behind the “form” in foreground; the familiar, the predictable. It is a leap into the unknown you might say.

Music for “old souls” brings together  the subject and the spiritual dimension with the immediate context.

 Enjoy listening !

For individual compositions  or “reflet d’âme”:
if I do not know you personally, please send a photo where I can clearly see the eyes.
Cost: 450,00€ (150,00€ deposit, and 300,00€ on delivery in wav of a CD or mp3 format)  of your completed personal composition. Delivery time: approximately 4 weeks.

Canale you tube: Yves Ratheau


l’espace du tendre.

L’ambiguïté du clown. En rire et en pleurer!


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